Volunteering is a great way to contribute your existing skills and learn new ones.  The people that volunteer at the Sustainable Future Center tend to have interesting stories and are great resources for projects you may be considering.
Anyone can come on Saturdays to volunteer.  If our standard time does not work for you, we can schedule custom times to meet your needs.  Just fill out the volunteer form below and let us know your availability in the comments.  Waivers need to be signed to volunteer


9:00 to noon - Garden workday, all year long
9:00 to 9:30  - New Volunteer Orientation

Our volunteers will have the opportunity to gain a wide range of knowledge on topics such as creating sustainable gardens, homes, and lifestyles while gaining practical skills like gardening and composting. For those who are unsure if they would like to volunteer outdoors, we have a variety of other activities that you can participate in such as marketing, social media, office work, graphic design, and even fighting off the dust bunnies inside. No matter what skills you have, we have something for you do here. The skills learned here at the Sustainable Future Center can be carried over into your everyday life as we want to help you leave the world a better place than you found it.