Sustainable Fabric Workshop


About us:

We are a group of people, some with a lot of experience working with clothing and fabric and some with none, who want to reduce fabric trash and do great fabric projects. The fabrics we recycle might be turned into household items like aprons, potholders, placemats, trivet mats, and coasters. They might be quilts, bedspreads, and comforters. They might be fabric art on cards or to hang on the wall.  They might be braided or crocheted rugs. Or your project might be mending and decorating a favorite pair of jeans, or adding to/ subtracting from or otherwise modifying your clothes to make something even better than that mass-produced clothing that is clogging the landfills. We simply want to take something old and turn it into something new and beautiful and save good fabric while we’re at it.


Our projects are not limited! And there are probably a whole lot of ideas we haven't even thought of yet. One goal of the group is to ask you to bring ideas for what you would like to make, even if you don’t have the skillset to make it yet or bring an idea that you can teach the rest of us. 

This collaboration aims to establish a community of fabric workers and artists dedicated to the conservation and reuse of fabric and to provide the necessary tools and supplies so that people of limited resources can participate.

We can receive used but reusable fabric donations and make this fabric available for new uses from the community! We are here to teach and learn how to repurpose material into household goods, art, and clothing. Eventually, we’ll find ways to reuse all types of fabric, even the junk. 

Consider donating to our cause!

Donations we can accept now (yardage or decent-sized scraps and used clothes) 

Various natural fabrics: denim, cotton, cotton blends, fleece, lace tablecloths, doilies, tatting, curtains, sheets, and blankets. 

Various tools: needles, all kinds, thread, quilting supplies, an ironing board or two & irons, yardsticks & tape measures, embroidery hoops, working sewing machines, scissors, pins, and embroidery thread.


We’d love to see you and add to our collection of amazing folks dedicated to a sustainable and abundant future!

Welcome to the Sustainable Fabric Workshop hosted at SFC!


Our mission is to share our skills and resources to use existing fabric and clothing to reduce trash, save money, and create lovely and functional things. And to have fun while we do it!