Sustainable Projects

Current Projects

Bus Stop Project

Our bus shelter at our Ogle Avenue site is underway! This will make SFC more accessible for patrons and staff as well make a more comfortable experience waiting for the bus, especially in inclement weather.

We want to demonstrate sustainability, so phase 2 of this project includes directing the water off the roof into a rain garden and adding solar panels to allow people at the bus stop to power their phones and power a digital sign that will let people know when the bus is coming.

Chicken Habitat Upgrade

  • We installed a solar-powered chicken door which automatically opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. This means that we don't have to be there to physically open and close the door, which has saved us valuable labor time.

  • We installed an egg roller nest box which keeps the eggs clean and prevents losses from chickens eating and pecking their eggs. The eggs roll into a protected area so the chickens cannot poop on or damage them, expediting the collection of the eggs and reducing loss of eggs.

We are currently working on:

  • Creating a rainwater collection system to automatically water the chickens so we don't have to manually give them water. It's a "nipple" system that keeps the water clean, not allowing dirt from their beaks to collect in their water and contaminate it.

  • Building an electric fence around the chicken habitat which will prevent climbing predators from getting into the chicken coop.

  • Adding a living shade area for the chickens, to reduce predator pressure from hawks, provide some shade and food for the chickens to eat and give us compost material for the garden.

These changes are making the chicken habitat less labor intensive and creating a safer and more sustainable environment.

SoKno Karma Reincarnation Garden Project

We will be adding digital signage to the 40+ beds we have which will allow visitors to use their phones to obtain information on the plants that are in the bed. For instance, they will be able to access recipes, general information about growing the plants, and maintenance schedules (for volunteers).

Many of the borders of our 40 beds are rotting and are in need of repair. We will be repairing them with a variety of experimental methods, including masonry borders, living borders, and log borders using longer lasting wood.

Fence transformation into a living trellis

 This is a major long-term project. We want to turn the fence's lattice structure into a living trellis, growing native species, non-invasive species, and medicinal plants that fit into the permaculture plan of SFC.


Past Projects

Vestal Boys & Girls Club Catchment System

We were thrilled to work on the installment of a 400 gallon Stormwater Catchment System for the Vestal Boys & Girls Club! The project was generously funded by Keep Knoxville Beautiful and will take stormwater from their stage shelter and filter it so that it can be used for things such as watering their garden, which will help conserve resources. Several devoted volunteers, through CAC AmeriCorps, worked for a couple of hours to install this filtration system.

Vestal Community Center Pavilion

The greenway in Vestal is being extended, and this pavilion is a place where you can park your bikes and get to stores in Vestal. It is also a gathering place to sit,  play music and hang out. It encourages community and interaction. We were involved in storing materials for the project and in building the pavilion.

Shora Foundation Project

One of our biggest projects was our work assisting the Shora Foundation in keeping a garden. By tending to this garden, the children in their after-school program can learn how to grow their own food in a way that is both effective and productive for the environment.