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FISH Food Pantry

Open Wednesdays and Fridays 10am - 1pm

Here's how we've helped:
For the past few months there's been an increase in activity and "buzz" around the Sustainable Future Center in the Vestal neighborhood. The main reason is that we started hosting the FISH Hospitality Pantry's South Knoxville location.
The pantry had to move when the Vestal UMC Church -- where FISH had been for decades -- started some much-needed rehab work. When we discovered FISH was about to become "homeless", we did what good neighbors do:

we took them in.

Vestal Boys & Girls Club

We are so grateful for our partnership with the Vestal Boys & Girls Club! While the most recent project that we collaborated with them on is the installation of their new Stormwater Catchment System, we have been involved with them for the past several years through our collaboration with their Garden Club. Through this partnership, we help them maintain their garden and they return the favor. They are currently working with us to grow microgreens! Aside from the work that we do together, the Vestal Boys & Girls Club is a wonderful organization that works to educate children in a safe and supportive environment and we are so happy to have them as a partner.


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