I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

- Mother Teresa

How we work

Tackling the significant issues that face our planet and its future will take cooperation, innovation and action. We are at a point in human history where sitting on the sidelines waiting for others to take charge is not going to make an impact.


What is required to make meaningful change? You!

Sustainable Future Center is a community hub providing resources and space to energize, encourage and inspire individuals to bring forth and share their ideas, projects and passion to move sustainability in Knoxville forward. Learn about our approach, our projects and our partners on the ground.


Volunteer hours served

(average annually)


Pounds of produce harvested

(average 100/lb per month goes to garden volunteers and the FISH food pantry )


Community Partners collaborated with


School organizations worked with

The next step in sustainability...

involves your participation and action! Become a donor, a member or a volunteer.

Sustainable Future Center

A catalyst for the sustainability movement

in Knoxville