Our Team

David Bolt

 Executive Director, Founder

In 2012 David Bolt was selected as a White House “Champion of Change in Corporate Environmental Sustainability.”  That award recognized the central theme of David’s life and his career.  David has long sought to eliminate waste, promote efficiency, and preserve the world for future generations.  He leads by example, whether by converting his home to Net Zero energy, making his building net producer of energy or by driving a car fueled by the sun.  In short, the name of the non-profit says it all:  Sustainable Future Center.  The name is the vision.  His work is to support others that want to live more sustainably. 

David started transitioning all fossil fuel items to renewal fuel sources in 2012.  By late 2013 all vehicles and lawn equipment that did not use renewable sources of fuel were gone.  As of 2021, he has driven his electric cars about 200,000 miles, including trips to DC, Chicago, Maine, and Pensacola. 

In early 2014, David’s interests began to focus on the practice of Permaculture design.  After much reading, he took Geoff Lawton’s permaculture design course (PDC) online and followed that with six weeks of work at Lawton’s permaculture site in Jordan near the Dead Sea. 

Geoff Lawton inspired the conversion of the Sustainable Future Center’s property into a permaculture demonstration site.   By visiting the site, you can see:  chickens, a garden, rainwater harvesting, soil creation, solar electricity, car charging stations, LED lighting, and many other things.  The public can now see firsthand how to implement sustainability in their life.  The Center’s community also support each other with their personal projects.

David Bolt has reached this point after a 30–year career, first in software development and later in solar energy installation.  David was a co-founder of MarketLinx, a company that created the first Internet-based Multiple Listing system and transitioned the real estate industry from printing books to having agents and buyers searching for property online.  MarketLinx grew from zero in 1996 to having 25% national market share in 2003 when First American purchased the company.

Brittany Shultz

Garden Manager, Volunteer Coordinator

Brittany headshot.png

Brittany is originally from Knoxville and grew up south of the river. Always in the dirt, she has been gardening for herself for almost 20 years. In the early aughts Brittany packed up a Honda Civic and moved to Eugene, and later Portland, Oregon where she was introduced to the ethics and principles of Permaculture. While in Oregon, she studied under several teachers and took every opportunity to dive deeper into the practical and

accessible implementation of Permaculture in an urban setting. Outside of her job as a teacher she installed school gardens, outdoor classrooms, community gardens, and opened an afterschool Permaculture program with a dear friend. Brittany met her husband, Daniel, at this afterschool

program. They had an unplanned wedding in Asheville on a visit, and because Permaculture always finds them, the entire class of new students from a Permaculture course were in attendance. After visiting Asheville, they soon decided to make a location change. They gave away everything (except board games and books), packed up an RV and headed to Brittany's  hometown. While on route to Knoxville, they stopped in Bozeman MT where Brittany took on the summer role of WWOOFER coordinator and interim farm manager for an urban Permaculture farm in town. They left Montana before the snow and landed in an apartment in West Knoxville. There, Brittany and Daniel coordinated a community garden on the apartment grounds. 


As the volunteer coordinator and garden manager at SFC Brittany gets the opportunity to meet the community and engage folks with Permaculture. Reach out to her to see how you can also get involved.

Amy Albers

Office Manager


Amy Albers put down East Tennessee roots eight years ago. Growing up in a large midwestern city, Amy didn’t know anything about sustainability. After living in different regions of the US, she began to seek out a more earth-conscious lifestyle, learning how to compost, recycle, garden, and raise chickens.  


Amy had been incorporating permaculture principles into her little slice of heaven in South Knoxville when she began attending the potlucks at Sustainable Future Center. She found that the permaculture principles resonated with her, especially building community and sharing resources. A graduate of Maryville College and a friend of the Deaf community, Amy is now the Office Manager and self-proclaimed “Chicken Whisperer” at SFC."