Board Members

Sarah Hurst

Vice Chair

Sarah is a 9th generation Tennessean. She was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee by her father, an entrepreneur, and her mother, an interior designer, both of which prepared her for a career in real estate. She attended the University of Tennessee.

Sarah has a passion for nature and exploration that was inspired by a childhood 6 month RV trip, where she and her family traveled to 43 states and 5 provinces in Canada. This love for the outdoors led her to hike 165 miles on the Appalachian Trail in 2013. 

Sarah has 2 little girls (4 and 3 years old) that she uses as her inspiration to live well and chase her dreams.

Jason Scott

Jason Scott_edited.jpg

Jason has been Program Director with CAC AmeriCorps since July of 2015.  Jason has overall responsibility for program design and operation, fiscal management and for meeting CNCS performance objectives.  Before serving as CAC AmeriCorps’ 4th Program Director, Jason served for nearly 7 years as the Town of Farragut’s NPDES Stormwater Coordinator, where he was also a CAC AmeriCorps site supervisor.  


Jason is a two-term AmeriCorps Alum and is passionate about creating meaningful service experiences for members.  Jason holds a BFA in Studio Art, MS in Environmental Policy and Management and a MBA from Carson Newman.  Jason is currently the Governor-appointed representative of

National Service on the board of Volunteer Tennessee.  In his free time Jason enjoys using reused materials to sculpt and draw as well as spending time with his family.  Jason serves on the board of the Sustainable Future Center (SFC) because he believes the SFC can serve as a catalyst to advance the core tenets of permaculture: Care for the Planet, Care for People, and Fair Share.

Anne Harvey

Secretary, Interim Chair
Anne Harvey.jpg

Anne Harvey is an East Tennessee native with a passion for plants. She recently retired from a 30 year career as a science school teacher exciting young minds. She has been a volunteer since the beginning and serves as Board Secretary. When she isn't tending to her own garden, goats and homestead, you can find Anne at the Sustainable Future Center building community and making things beautiful. 

Carol Montgomery


Growing up in Britain, with a large vegetable garden and parents who            composted and recycled everything they could lay their hands on, potted  acorns and then planted their little oak trees wherever they could, Carol        couldn’t help but be passionate about our beautiful planet. An M.A. from          Manchester led to 14 years as an art teacher. She has been a potter in the UK, a PE teacher in Bangladesh (don’t ask!), a successful watercolor artist in Oman, and spent 10 years as a natural wellness consultant in Washington DC. Now in East Tennessee with her entrepreneurial spirit she has given to

Green Village Green LLC. Carol loves her family, her friends and her animals, which included her lawn-mowing sheep, Seamus and Finnegan (though they’ve moved on to greener pastures with a herbalist friend), her home in the Yorkshire Dales, interesting old buildings, natural beauty of every kind, and life in general.

Allie Sasser

Allie Sasser_edited.jpg

Originally from South Coastal Georgia, Allie Sasser, DVM, is an animal lover and a sustainable living enthusiast. She has achieved net-zero balance with a 4.6 kw solar array, 500 sf cabin, and electric vehicle.


She is currently attempting to manage a small pasture with sheep, chickens, and horses with minimal fossil fuel usage. She is excited to be joining the board of the Sustainable Future Center.