Interns at SFC work tirelessly in a selected area of interest, learning and contributing along the way. All interns commit to being available on a regular basis, putting towards 2-8 hours of dedicated time every week for at least 2 months or more. Interns are accepted on an as-needed basis. Don’t hesitate - apply today! 


Internship Areas of Interest:

Farmhand, Microgreens Manager, Chicken Caretaker, Education Coordinator, Accounting Assistant, Social Media Coordination, Public Relations Coordinator


We are looking for individuals who:

  1. Can take and follow instructions 

  2. Are willing to be flexible and troubleshoot if and as plans change 

  3. Can work independently and in a team setting 

  4. Have access to a computer, or can use the organization’s Apple computer 

  5. Are proficient in writing and research 

  6. Are proficient in project organization and time management 

  7. Are concerned with the care of the environment, sharing of knowledge, and/or love of gardening 

Current SFC Interns

Eva Herinkova.jpg

Eva Herinkova


“I came to SFC to learn more about sustainability and gardening. Before interning with SFC, I didn't have any experience with growing things other than watering my mom's plants when she needed me to. I wanted to learn about how to grow food, but especially how to grow food naturally, and I liked the idea that it would give me a chance to be outside regularly. I've learned a lot about plants and food since then and I now have my own collection of plants at my apartment that have been alive and healthy for the past couple of months, which I'm really excited about. Plus, I feel confident that I could set up some vermicompost in my kitchen and keep it pretty healthy too and that's definitely an added bonus.”

Karli Palmer (1).jpg

Karli Palmer


My motivation for coming to the SFC was to be involved in something that positively impacts the community. I am particularly interested in local community gardens and making fresh, sustainably grown produce available to all people in a community, regardless of hurdles such as socio-economic status. I also have loved continuing to learn different ways that I, myself, can adjust my lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly and aware. 

Jemima Ledbetter.png

Jemima Ledbetter


“Hi there, I’m Jemima, a senior communication studies undergrad at the University of Tennessee. I am also the social media coordinator intern here at the Sustainable Future Center. I was drawn to SFC because of their permaculture ethics—caring for the earth and people, as well as fair share. I felt a connection due to sharing the same ethics with SFC, which led me to choose to work as an intern! I also came to SFC to gain experience. I hoped to better my skills in social media, and over time I have learned so much here about engagement, marketing, and graphic creation. As an intern, I also wanted to contribute value to the center. I wished to use my social media attributes to spearhead information about the center via social media. I love being a part of the engaged community here at SFC and will continue to volunteer with the center way past my internship!”


Geordan Hall


I passed by one day while driving and thought it may be interesting to learn about growing my own food.


In joining SFC I wanted to gain experience in agriculture and learn more about sustainable farming methods. So far, each of these goals have been exceedingly met and I learn something new every time I come.