FISH Food Pantry at Sustainable Future Center

FISH Food Pantry serves the community at SFC every Wednesday and Friday 10:00am - 1:pm

FISH Hospitality Pantries (a.k.a. Hospitality Pantries, Inc.) operates four pantries in East, South, Northwest and West Knoxville. We currently provide food to nearly 7,000 families (20,000 people) every month.

FISH focuses on what more can be done to help ensure that everyone gets enough to eat.
In Knox County 57,000 people live in poverty -- and more than 25% of them are children. Thousands of other families live near the poverty line and struggle for the basic necessities of life. The number of families who come to our pantries has more than doubled in the last two years. Learn more about  who we are or how people can get help.

Connect with FISH Hospitality Pantries: ‭(865) 577-9600‬ (We answer from 10:00-1:00 on Wednesday and Friday only).


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