We are so excited to have your family participate in the Adopt-a-Chick Program!  This form explains about the program in greater detail. It gives you some things to consider, when deciding whether or not to join. 


For the Spring 2021 session (April 6-May 28), we have 30 spots available. We will also be generating a waitlist. If you aren't able to participate in the program right now, those on the waitlist will be given first priority for the Summer 2021 session.

To make this program more accessible to families, we have offered Tiered Pricing from $150 to $250. The price options include Reduced Price ($150), Standard ($200), and Sustainer ($250). You may also choose to give above and beyond that amount, paying it forward to help other families have the opportunity to be a part. After registering, you will receive an email explaining how to reserve your spot with the $50 non-refundable deposit. 


We want to have families participate, and we know this program runs on your generous donations. We understand this might not be financially feasible for everyone. We have limited financial assistance available. To request assistance, first reserve your space in the program by registering. You will receive an email with further information.

Here we go!


In this program, families will be responsible for raising 2 chicks for 6-7 weeks, at which point the chickens will be large enough to join the rest of the flock at Sustainable Future Center (SFC).   Chick foster families must return the equipment and the chicks at the end of the program.  SFC team members will guide participants through the entire chick-raising process, so no prior chicken experience is required! 


On April 6, the chicks will be ready to go home.  Families will come to SFC at a specific time slot (masked and practicing social distancing). There they will receive a packet of information detailing the chicks' beginning care and information and 2 chicks. Each week throughout the program, families will receive an email with some directions, updates, and information about their chicks' development. Additionally, we will hold weekly Zoom check-ins with all families to share the chick-raising experience and connect with our neighbors. Families will also be invited to join a communal Facebook group to post questions and share their experiences! SFC staff and volunteers will help answer questions on this page and provide tips. 


This form is intended to provide you with a complete understanding of this project. Please read through each question with care. Thank you!

Adopt-A-Chick Registration for Spring 2021

We are currently limited to 30 families

Registration open from March 1 to 13.