SFC News January 2021

On the Second Wednesday of each month we are resuming our potlucks on Zoom!

So grab something to eat while Kerry Brown talks about what he learned during his 13 year journey of transforming a ⅕ acre urban lot into a place of production and beauty for both the human and non-human occupants.  


This will be very interactive with lots of opportunities to ask questions and share your personal experiences.


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Sometimes humor is the medicine :-)


It is a great reminder that sometimes you already have the answer.

Please send info@SFCknox.org your recommendations for  video of the month.  

Principle 1         Observe and Interact

The first permaculture principle is a great antidote to constant busyness.


I've seen this Japanese maple for the past 10 years every time I come to work.   One year it was covered in bagworms with hardly a leaf on the tree.  Perhaps this is the end of the Japanese maple.  Thoughts of intervention came and went. 

The tree is healthy now and no bagworms have been seen.  By just observing I realized the tree did not need my help.

Message From the Founder

Kerry has a wealth of personal experience to share and has contributed to the Center's community.   I hope to see many of you at the first Zoom potluck where you will be able to ask Kerry about what he has learned and how he plans to use that information in transitioning to a much larger property.  


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Help us build an abundant Knoxville and give a little of your time to Sustainable Future Center.

Reach out to Brittany to discuss our volunteer opportunities! Please take a moment to fill in a brief questionnaire to let us know where you think you might fit in the organization. 

We look forward to hearing from you!