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December 2020

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Saturday, December 5 

9:30 am - 1pm

Get some holiday shopping done while supporting local talent and avoiding the crowds.  


See you Saturday!

We have a great line up of 16 artist and makers coming.   Click here to see some of their work.


We are a group of people, some with a lot of experience working with clothing and fabric and some with none, who want to reduce fabric trash and do great fabric projects.


The fabrics we recycle might be turned into household items like aprons, potholders, placemats, trivet mats, and coasters.


 Click  to find out more and to get on the list for this Saturday at 9:00 am.

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Each month I watch so many inspirational videos.  Hope this one inspires you as much as it did me.


It is a great reminder that sometimes the answers have already been invented.

Please send info@SFCknox.org your favorite inspirational video.  

Observe and Interact

The first permaculture principle is a great antidote to constant busyness.


I've seen this Japanese maple for the past 10 years every time I come to work.   One year it was covered in bagworms with hardly a leaf on the tree.  The thought came that perhaps that might be the end of the Japanese maple.  Thoughts of intervention came and went. 

The tree is healthy now and no bag worms have been seen.

Message From the Founder

It seems every week a few new faces show up at the Center.  They all have amazing stories and skills to share.  Yet, only a few people that happened to be here benefit from their visit.  


I would like to start experimenting with ways to continue community building with reduced physical interaction.  Our first experiment will start in early January.  We will be holding a virtual space where people can share what is important and heartfelt with others that are open-minded and supportive.


The general theme will be building a meaningful abundant life that is sustainable.   Our first meeting will be on January 5.  See next newsletter and Facebook for details.

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Help us build an abundant Knoxville and give a little of your time to Sustainable Future Center.

Reach out to Brittany to discuss our volunteer opportunities! Please take a moment to fill in a brief questionnaire to let us know where you think you might fit in the organization. 

We look forward to hearing from you!